Salar de Uyuni 1 Día. Uyuni, Salar, Isla Pescado

Salar de Uyuni 1 Día. Uyuni, Salar, Isla Pescado



10:30 am. Departure time from Uyuni, in the morning with the train cemetery visit, where we’ll observe trains and locomotives, that in the past traveled with minerals and industrial materials but nowadays they are a tourist attraction.
To continue our trip we are going to visit Colchani Town that works like a salt factory, near to this town there is a small salt handicraft market, this kind of visits are a good option to start to discover the Uyuni Salt Flat magic place, from this point we will be able to observe montones de sal, and ojos del Salar, that are natural holes over the salt flat, we are going to know a Salt Hotel constructed by salt blocks and straw. Finally we are going to visit the Incahuasi Island, a place where we can enjoy a spectacular Salt Flat view, we will have a little walk, where we can observe and take pictures of millenarian cactuses more than 10 meters of altitude, then we will have a delicious lunch, and during the afternoon we return to Uyuni at 18:00 to end our services.


  • Transportation 4×4 WD during the tour,
  • Driver-guide spanish speaking.
  • Lunch.

NOT INCLUDED: Entrance fees to Isla Incahuasi (5.- USD), beverages.


  • Comfortable clothing and shoes, warm clothing for the evening, might get cold, raincoat for the rainy season (December to April), sun cap or hat and wool hat for the nights.
  • Sun block lotion, sun glasses, flashlight.



We will start this tour at 6:00 pm to enter the Salar to a safe point where we will stay for 2 hours. One of the perfect places to make an astronomical observation certainly is the Salar de Uyuni, places this is a place of little light pollution, far from big cities, to 3660 meters above sea level that is closer to the sky … By nightfall and direct our look into the sky, appear before our eyes thousands of stars forming the sky. We appreciate “The Milky Way” or whitish stripe-shaped convex lens is our galaxy consists of about 100,000 million stars. It runs between the southeast and northwest horizon, passing over our heads.

The white dots are stars and blink because the light passes through the atmosphere, which causes deviations due to refraction in its different layers. However there are no flash points, which correspond to the planets. These, to be much closer, have a diameter apparent or perceptible Venus is the brightest planet that can be seen from Earth and is seen at sunset or sunrise and close to the sun. Mars stands by its reddish color, Jupiter, the planet larger, known for its cream color. Saturn has a rather yellowish and Uranus is difficult to distinguish between the stars by its blue color. Then there is this wonderful natural experience of the universe. Return to Uyuni or your Hotel in Colchani. Approximate arrival at hours 10:00 p.m.


  • Private transportation by jeep 4X4 with professional.
  • Driver spanish service.


  • Entrance fees Fish Island 30 Bs.
  • Meals and beverages.


  • Photo camera with flash to take pictures at night.
  • Very warm clothing due to the tour time Wool cap Boots with footprint
  • Flashlight, preferably head to be able to have greater use of your machine.

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